The Story

3D Parties was founded by David Boadu in november 2014 during his summer break from studying business administration at  Kingston University. The concept  was brought to life when David decided to explore his love for photography and began shooting portraits. This led him to being a photographer at events and, at a children's birthday party, he had his eureka moment. David found that there wasn’t a one stop shop for inflatables, media services and children’s food machines, and therefore decided to create a platform now known as 3D Parties.

About Us

Here at 3D we aim to ensure the organisation and execution of your party is as hassle free as possible and above all full of fun and laughter. We understand that as parents of young children you have enough on your plate as it is and simply don’t have the time to be liaising with different inflatable hire companies, photographers and food machine hires in order to create that special celebration atmosphere, and of course get the best value for your money! Our job at 3D Parties is to help you create that buzzing atmosphere without running around like a headless chicken, damaging your bank account and more importantly compromising safety and quality standards. Creating smiles and fun moments is at the heart of what we do; but our number one priority is your children’s health and safety, that's why our inflatables are PIPA inspected as well as having qualified FAA approved first aiders on board.

Meet The Team



Welcome to our world! My name is David Boadu, and i'm the founder and managing director of 3d parties, a one stop place for your essential party needs. From a young age i've always been in touch with my creative side, fascinated with the idea of creating something new and assimilating a personal edge to it. I'm often told i have superlative passion and peoples skills, i simply love meeting new people and even more so making a positive difference in their lives where i can. I really try to reflect these qualities in our company ethos at 3d parties. My role as managing director is to ensure that every touch point and encounter you have with us is a pleasant and fulfilling experience with the help of these amazing individuals!

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Hi, i'm adam. I'm the guy that does a lot of stuff, but it's mainly all the boring finance and the digital imagery. None of that fun lark. Maths has always been a strong point for me; always done well in it and now i'm studying it at university. Finally putting my knowledge to good use by doing the accounts for 3dp. Regarding the images, a few years ago i upgraded to photoshop after mastering the world famous paint. I like to just play around with images until i have something that i like, but i've always been critical of whatever i've made which has helped me to improve. I want to try and make all of my imagery as bright, colourful and fun as possible, so it matches the standard of the parties you will be having with us!

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Hey, i'm elisha. I'm the events coordinator for 3d parties. I'm the one that makes sure all your requirements are met. The organising freak who will work hard to ensure all your little extras go smoothly on the day. I've always loved events and especially the back scenes that no one would remember, putting all the little bits and bobs together! If you want a day of no hassle and plenty of fun then give us a shout. At 3d parties we will organise your party from a-z and just the way you like it!



Hey i'm demi. I have always had a strong passion for the media industry as a whole, which has landed me into studying film and television at university. For me, being 3d parties creative media manager is an exciting job! I'll be advertising all the fun and special occasions you'll be sharing with us by planning media campaigns with our marketing manager. I'll be making sure we are up to date on all the latest media trends and identifying every opportunity we have where media innovations could be effective for 3d parties. Because we don't want anyone missing out on a fully equipped, fun-filled, stress-free party now do we!

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Hi, i'm jazz. I'm known to be that bubbly girl, always bursting with energy and never short of enthusiasm. I like meeting new people, enjoy the excitement of working with kids and above all love the feeling of being part of someone's special day! My role as marketing manager enables me to really understand what you want as customers and with the help of the team conduct strategies to deliver those desires. At 3d parties we like to keep our ethos clear and transparent; making your celebration prep as stress free as possible and creating an atmosphere which brings joy, warmth and happiness!



‘A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.’ – Ansel Adams

Hi, my name is Malachi. As a photographer my goal is to provide you with timeless photographs that represent highlights of events with great attention to detail. I not only take pride in crafting and capturing memorable moments of events; in documenting them, I aim to take you along a visual journey that emphasises the emotions felt at a specific moment in time that can no longer be revisited. The most important quality of a photograph is its ability to evoke emotional response; as a photographer this solely relies on being in the right place at the right time. As a forward thinking creative individual I will ensure to provide you with images that capture fleeting moments that explore your experience with us at 3D Parties

Team photo


Team photo


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